Selected Works

"Mason (In Country) is back with a touching novel about love, loss, war, and memory. ...Mason's latest, based on the real-life experiences of her father-in-law, is fascinating and intensely intimate." --Publishers Weekly
"A novel that, like a flashbulb, burns an afterimage in our minds."
--Michiko Kakutani, the New York Times
The author's first book of short stories, including the first four stories published in The New Yorker. Winner, PEN/Hemingway Award for First Fiction
"[Mason] wraps up her political comments in a touching--and utterly convincing--love story."
--St. Petersburg Times
Collection of short stories from 2001.
This collection of linked stories, 2006, includes the novella " Spence + Lila." "Where do we come from, especially here, in young, upstart America? Who are we, beyond a handful of genes and another handful of random circumstance? [Nancy Culpepper] asks these questions artfully, respectfully, beautifully."
--The Washington Post
"A wonderful novel...riveting...memorable and complete." --New York Times Book Review "A brilliantly sustained and grimly humorous parable about fame in 20th-Century America."--Los Angeles Times
"While exploring her past, Mason might not have intended to write a memoir for America. But she has, and brilliantly so." --San Diego Union
Biographical essay.
A guide to Nancy Drew and other girl detective series books.


June 28, 2018. 7 p.m.
Carrmichael’s Bookstore, Louisville KY
Reading from “Patchwork”

New Story in Good Housekeeping

Read "Dance with Me" in the July 2013 issue.

The paperback of "The Girl in the Blue Beret" is out now! Click the title link in the left-hand column to order.

The 2012 Kentucky Literary Award was given to a work of fiction published in 2010 or 2011 that met the selection criteria. The 2012 winner, Bobbie Ann Mason for her book The Girl in the Blue Beret, was announced at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest’s “Meet the Authors” reception held on Friday, April 20, 2012.

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