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The Girl in the Blue Beret

An airline pilot returns to the site of his 1944 B-17 crash in Europe and finds himself drawn back in time, retracing the trail of his escape through Occupied France and trying to find again the girl guide who led him to safe shelter--the girl in the blue beret.

In Country

In the summer of 1984, the war in Vietnam came home to Sam Hughes, whose father died in Vietnam just before she was born. The first children born to American GIs who went to Vietnam were coming of age, and they were starting to ask what happened.

Shiloh and Other Stories

"Bobbie Ann Mason is very impressive. I find myself completely immersed in the stories while I'm reading them, and they have a nice aftereffect image as well...these stories will last."
--Raymond Carver

An Atomic Romance

"Rich, evocative language... [Mason] succeeds by relying on sexy repartee about string theory, a disarmingly addled hero in love with a charmingly sincere heroine and [an] incisive vision of modern families.”
--Richmond Times-Dispatch

Zigzagging down a Wild Trail

Collection of short stories from the 1990s. This book includes "With Jazz," which was published in The New Yorker, and other stories that first appeared in DoubleTake, Ploughshares, The Southern Review, and The Atlantic.

Clear Springs

In the process of recounting her own odyssey--the story of a misfit girl who dreamed of distant places--Mason depicts the changes that have come to family, to women, and to heartland America in the twentieth century. Ultimately, Clear Springs is a heartfelt portrait of an extended family, and a profound affirmation of the importance of family love.

Nancy Culpepper

Nancy Culpepper is a series of linked stories that began with Bobbie Ann Mason’s second published story in The New Yorker, "Nancy Culpepper," in 1981. Her novella, Spence + Lila, about Nancy’s family, came out in 1988, followed by several other stories that track Nancy and her family into the new century.

The Girl Sleuth

A guide to the girl detective series books read widely in adolescence. Part-memoir, part story of becoming a writer, part literary criticism. An excuse to indulge in memories of childhood reading. Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Judy Bolton, the Dana Girls, Vicki Barr (airline stewardess), Cherry Ames (nurse), Beverly Gray (reporter).

Feather Crowns

In Western Kentucky in 1900, Christianna Wheeler gives birth to quintuplets, and the whole world beats a path to her door.